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Awesome-hot and heating up*

January 28, 2008

People, I’m gearing up for what promises to be a thrilling month of blog posts of love and free giveaways, beginning February 1! Yes, that’s right – love, free stuff, FREE LOVE* for weeks! CHEAP THRILLS* and shameless promotion, it’ll all be here! What? The over-hyped holiday of VALENTINE’S DAY makes you want to: a) […]

Did someone just call me “Zuul”?

January 24, 2008

I’ve been back at work for 2 days now. Oh, man. I’m a hard worker, but it’s been tough going back. One of the first emails I saw on Tuesday morning was from our department secretary with a warning about the kitchenette on our floor. I wish I had saved it, but it was something […]

A thing for Hanes?

January 24, 2008

As you know, I love checking my blog stats almost as much as I love a good spammy email (although, frankly, my interest in those is steadily waning — maybe this means I’m getting a life in 2008??). I’m always curious how new readers find my site. Yesterday, someone typed this into their handy search […]

Things people say

January 21, 2008

Since being divorced and becoming a single mom, I’ve noticed that people sometimes assume things about me — my relationship status, how I spend my time, who I am. I’ve been collecting these tidbits for a while now and thought I’d share them with you. I know some of the people were well-intentioned; I just […]

Remembering why I’m off today

January 21, 2008

I love that young children see differences between people — shapes, sizes, personality traits, colors, body parts, quirks and features — as facts, or curiosities. They don’t see them as being “good” or “bad”. I wish we would all act like children more often. Thanks to Elizabeth for finding the link below. I love listening […]