Scary-Silly Thoughts on Single Parent Dating

Well, it’s time for Dinner for One again at The Imperfect Parent! This month I tried to get into the spirit of the Halloween season and offer a light, yet practical view on modern dating methods as a single parent. Admittedly, I was on an online/speed dating hiatus when I met FlyBoy, but I still contend these ways can help get you back in the game, teach or remind you about what you like and don’t like (for me: save the drama for your mama, boys!), and they work about as well as anything else, in my experience.

I mean, shoot — who the heck knows the magic formula? If I did I’d tell you for 3 installments of $39.99 — a limited time offer because I like you.

Online and speed dating also provide no shortage of blog material, as you can see in my Love Goddess-in-Training archives or by clicking on one of my favorite dating tags. Read them if you dare.


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