Susan CourtadSusan Courtad is used to being called many things:  Mom. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Writer. Sister. Colleague. Hey, you! …You get the idea.

Her writing has been described in many ways, too: Inspiring. Warm. Thoughtful. Funny.

Whether in her writing or just living life, Susan exudes a “can do,” down-to-earth attitude. People may call it different things; she prefers to think of it simply as keeping it real.

Susan first discovered her passion for writing in fourth grade after completing a highly acclaimed [by her mother and teacher] undersea short story. Yet, it took her another 25 years to understand the power of writing. She resumed her journey with a short story here, an essay there. Then, she wrote another and another. Eventually, she wrote quite a lot, publishing essays, penning her first novel and starting a successful humor and parenting blog called One-Woman Show. Now she’s back at it with The Next Stage, a blog about being part of the “sandwich generation,” plus her dreams old and new, right here on the home page of this site.

When she isn’t writing, Susan likes to spend time with her family and friends, reading, working out half-heartedly, and sleeping. Somehow she never gets enough sleep.