New year, new love…sort of

The holidays are over. My Christmas tree is now in a recycling/waiting-to-be-woodchipped pile. The decorations are packed away. I’m back to work 5 days a week and the kids are back in school. And, perhaps most importantly, there are new seasons of Rock of Love and The Bachelor on TV.
Why do so many otherwise good people like me find themselves watching such unreal worlds of narcissistic men and seemingly/actually desperate, slutty, dimwitted, and/or catty women? I’m all for people trying new ways to meet people, really I am. I’ve done different things: online dating, speed dating, blind date-dating. This blog, in fact, was instrumental in my meeting FlyBoy (there’s a hint…yes, I promise to post the full story of our meeting!).
But, seriously! When Bret Michaels declares that if he can’t find lasting love on the Bus, he’s giving up on it forever. Love, that is, not the bus.
Oh, honey. Don’t you see you might just be looking for love in all the wrong places?
That possibly that bandana has been wrapped around your head a little too tight for a little too long?
Just look at this face of confusion:
(And, sweetie, if I were you, I wouldn’t place any bets on this one…or reviving your career as a result.)
And when Rachel of SingleMomSeeking asked if promoting Bachelor Jason as a single dad was a double standard, I agreed yes, yes, yes! … but, then I thought, oh, who the heck cares?! He’s setting a low standard spending 6 weeks making out with 25 women in his determination to give one.of.them.if.its.the.last.thing.he.does. an engagement ring. It’s more like promoting an ill-advised Prince Charming caught up in his own fairy tale!
Is it me, or are his teeth twinkling?
I know I’m already in too deep with these shows. I knew I had a problem when one of the final contestants on Charm School 2 declared that she took her roles on Rock of Love, I Love Money AND Charm School very, very seriously. Suddenly, my resume seemed so…bare.
I really must stop.
In other nearly love news, Drama Girl and T-Rex have both admitted to having crushes: DG with Michael-but-they-call-him-Mike, a classmate who shares the same hair color as she does (always good criteria), and T-R with two girls, Morgan from his class, who “is nice to look at,” and Megan, who was on his soccer team last year and for no specific reason.
Drama Girl told me that when she sees Michael-Mike her head feels "kind of blurry." I think that about sums up most relationships, don’t you?