I never thought I could look this good


When you get funny-looking goggles to wear while you sleep you just have to take a picture in them, no?


Oh. I thought everyone did that.

As I commented on my previous post, the surgery on Friday went well. I’m not a nervous nelly about medical things, but I admit my blood pressure was a little elevated going into this until the nice lady at the surgery center gave me a Xanax to mellow out. (This is standard; it wasn’t just for me!) The procedure itself seemed to be about 10 minutes in total between the vision correction and having temporary plugs inserted into my tear ducts to help prevent dryness. As for the fixating light, I honestly don’t know how you couldn’t stare at it — or “through” it as they instructed — because your eyelids are propped and taped open and there’s really nowhere else to look. And you are afraid to move and don’t want to screw it up — at least I didn’t, although the doc told me if I screwed up the laser would track along with my eye and shut off if necessary. Nothing really bothered me too much — not having my eyeball marked with a Sharpie (it wasn’t actually a Sharpie, but he used a presumably sterile marker to mark my right eye after my eye was numbed), and not even the smell of the laser doing its work, which one of my coworkers had warned me about. No biggie. Whatev. Laser away! My problem was remembering not to hold my breath.

The good news is that my vision was 20/20 the morning after the surgery — and still is as far as I can tell (or should I say as far as I can see??) Yay! It’s strange to wake up and see everything clearly; I can’t imagine how startling the contrast would be if my vision had been worse off to begin with. My recovery has been as expected: minimal discomfort in the first 24 hours (but so, so minor compared to other things — like, say, having a baby…now that hurts), tired eyes, some dryness, a little bruising/redness that is already fading, and lots of eye drops to take. Last night I even felt up to taking the kids out to dinner nearby. The headlights and streetlights seemed a bit brighter and bigger — the halo effect — but not that much more than when I wore my glasses or contacts at night. My biggest challenge has been figuring out how to sleep comfortably with those stupid goggles on, but fortunately I only have to wear them through the weekend.

I took this week off from work, partly to rest and relax my eyes after the surgery (minus blog updates and compulsive stat checking), and partly because I need some vaca time, which I ended up switching around from the holidays due to my grandmother’s funeral. So that’s the scoop. Now I must get ready for my photo shoot for…Aviators Weekly? Goggle Glamour? Sleep Geek Nightly?

Until next time…