The Case of the Missing Blogger

Hello, dear readers!

Do you remember a witty, charming and intelligent blogger named Susan, who largely disappeared for the month of February, outside of book reviews and confessing to celebrity crushes gone bad?

No? Well, how about just a blogger named Susan?

(If you’ve answered “No” for a second time, please skip to the end. Otherwise, read on.)

Let me start by saying that you may have noticed in reading my blog that occasionally my magical thinking skills kick in, making me write things like, “I promise I’ll be back on track tomorrow” when in reality I live my life like I handle home improvement projects. That is, things take twice as long as I think they will take. I don’t mean for it to be that way, but as you know, I drop a few balls now and then. And now. And then.

So, where have I, your mystery blogger, been? Let’s find out below. I’m also going to do some multitasking here and throw in random trivia for you, as my pal Mini at Minivan Bohemian tagged me for a random facts meme. Continue reading