Yet another reason I love chocolate

First, let me say a big Thank You! for your comments about my engagement news (for the full effect, start with Part I) — it was so nice to get the “thumbs up” from everyone. But seeing I’ve already jumped out of a plane and am now jumping for joy I better figure out what I can do next in order to keep my blog stats up!

I confess I knew the big question was coming because we had talked about our next step — and, therefore, I had the posts and punchline “written” in my head for at least a month — but I didn’t know exactly when or how he’d propose. I met up with him over Valentine’s Day weekend in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was on his 2-week annual Navy Reserves tour. I suspected it might happen while I was there and he didn’t disappoint.

And J. knows me too well: I’m a sucker for the creative, straightforward and sincere approach. I also love chocolate, so it was fitting that he asked me with M&Ms — ones that said:

“Susan” (White M&Ms) “Will You” (Pink) “Marry Me” (Red)

(He backed it up with a  verbal, non-dessert proposal.)

He got me a mini-gumball machine full of extras because, sure enough, I had to eat some of the initial stash. He knows me too well.

Anyhoo, with the cat out of the bag we’re heading into planning mode. I always thought if I got married again it would be a small affair, but this is J.’s first marriage (and let’s hope his last!) and he has a large extended family. It’s a tad overwhelming, but I suppose me having some experience and perspective from the first time around helps. It’s all good.

Or, as T-Rex said a few days ago, “Mom, it’s weird and exciting.”


More normal party planning?

If last week’s party mom gone mad story made you break out in a cold sweat, I offer this calming alternative that came home on Wednesday from Drama Girl’s class:

Hello to all parents of Mr. Teacher’s Class!

We are getting ready for our Holiday Party. The time/day of our party is Thursday, December 20th from 9:15-10:15 AM. We will be having our planning meeting for this party next Wednesday, November 28th at 1:00 PM at [location]. We will be deciding upon a craft if needed, a snack, games and anything else necessary for the party. The parents scheduled for this party are: [3 moms — it’s always the moms]. All parents are welcome to join us at the planning meeting even if you are not attending the party. Everyone’s ideas are helpful!!! Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Thanks!

This is more more enthusiastic and welcoming than the other…although the planning time is still not very convenient. And interestingly enough the homeroom mom (excuse me, “contact parent”) who wrote this was one of the 3 parents selected to attend the festivities out of the random drawing. Hmm. Random…

But I have to love this more typical version because “party” was only capitalized once and a craft might not be necessary after all. Boy, that alone would drive the other party mom into therapy if she isn’t already there.