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Finding my space again

February 14, 2013

I drafted this a while ago, but for some reason it seems fitting (to me) to share on Valentine’s Day. One of the hardest things about getting married again, after several years of living on my own, was giving up my space. I’m talking all kinds of “space”:   physical space, mental space, my-time-on-the-laptop space, putz-around-the-house-because-I just-feel-like-it, […]

I do, take two

March 19, 2009

Many of my friends (including some of my best single parent pals and readers) have asked how I’m handling this whole getting remarried situation. Well, I’m so glad you asked. Or that some of you asked. I swear someone asked me…or did I imagine it? Never mind – I’m a-gonna tell you anyway in this month’s […]


March 5, 2009

The other night we were driving over to my parents for dinner and T-Rex said to his sister, “Hey, Drama Girl, is my nose bleeding?” She responded that no, his nose wasn’t bleeding. I asked him why he thought his nose was bleeding — he’s had one nose bleed that I can recall in his […]